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Beira Logistics Terminal
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in the Beira Corridor
BLT was founded in 2012 in Mozambique as part of the J&J Group of Companies
BLT has 2 dedicated warehouses for high value cargo, ranging from copper cathodes, blisters, anodes and we are also geared for some bagged minerals such as zinc ore, cobalt hydroxide and concentrates.
BLT’s ERP system has been developed custom-made and updated for cargo barcoding and warehouses mapping to ensure different stages movement of cargo is done quickly and accurately.
Our 2021 Kalmar has been fitted with a built-in electronic scale to ensure VGM’s are verified on site and in real time.
We provide
BLT specializes in the handling of fertilizers, high value minerals and project cargo. We currently offer a combined covered warehousing space totalling up to 39,078m².
BLT handles all bulk cargo with a dedicated fleet of Changlin wheel loaders, all with built in electronic scales to ensure efficient loading up to 30 trucks per day.
BLT have 4x2 line mobile bagging machines (Nectar) with the ability to bag up to 1,920mt per day. Offer clients the most efficient solution to moving cargo through Beira.